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Medical Clearances

Medical Clearances services offered in Naples, FL

Preparing for a surgery or other advanced treatment requires a number of steps, including medical clearance examinations. At Internal Medicine Partners in Naples, Florida, Alejandro Blanco, MD, Ralph Rodriguez, MD, and the rest of the team are happy to provide these specialized exams as you get ready for your treatment. Simply call the office to schedule a time to come in or book a visit using the easy online tool. 

Medical Clearances Q & A

What are medical clearances?

A medical clearance is a specialized physical exam establishing whether you’re healthy enough to proceed with a specific surgery or treatment. They’re intended to reduce the risk of negative outcomes and help make the most of your treatment options. 

Some medical clearances require a simple overall health check. This includes vital signs and other essential health markers. Lab testing is often part of the process and reveals how well your organs and systems function. 

In other cases, the areas of focus for a medical clearance are more narrowly focused. Your specialist might ask for a number of specific assessments.  

If you learn you need a medical clearance before having surgery or beginning a treatment program, the team at Internal Medicine Partners is here to help. Every effort is made to make these visits as convenient and rewarding as possible. 

How should I prepare for my medical clearance exam?

If lab testing is required, your practitioner might ask you to refrain from eating or drinking during your visit. Otherwise, there are usually no specific preparations required. 

You should bring in a list of all your medications, including supplements. Be prepared to discuss your personal and family health history. Include any health conditions you’re being treated for or have been diagnosed with in recent years. 

What happens if I “fail” a medical clearance?

If the results of your medical clearance exam results reveal any areas of concern, you might not be permitted to move forward with your treatment of choice. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in pain and ready to find relief. 

That said, the process has worked as designed when a medical clearance exam identifies a potential health issue, the process has worked as designed. Moving forward with surgery or advanced treatment when you have a serious health issue can lead to a number of poor outcomes, up to and including death. 

“Failing” a medical clearance exam doesn’t mean you can never move on with your chosen treatment path. In many cases, you can address the problems that prevented you from “passing” your exam and then receive clearance. Sometimes that process is as simple as adjusting your medication or taking steps to bring your blood pressure readings down to healthier levels. 

If you need a medical clearance exam, booking a visit is as easy as a quick phone call or a few moments online.