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Intravenous therapy is a wellness treatment growing in popularity among consumers of all ages. It includes hydration and nutrition applied directly to the blood system via IV and can offer various benefits for different health goals. If you’ve heard of IV therapy and are curious whether it’s right for you, we want to break down some of the top factors that encourage our clientele to seek IV infusions.

Since the pandemic, many people have been interested in increasing their immunity and have turned to IV infusion therapy. Below are 5 additional reasons that might make you a good candidate for IV therapy with Internal Medicine Partners of Naples

1. Avoid taking pills or lesser-absorbed means of supplementation

In many instances, IV treatments can replace your daily meds and supplements. Some people are turned off by the side effects of their synthetic medications and vitamins, or the inconsistency in the effectiveness of over-the-counter nutritional supplements. Scheduling IV therapy also means you can skip the trip to the pharmacy and not worry if you have forgotten to take your pills.  

2. Receive instant results 

During IV therapy, vitamins are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, allowing your body to start using them immediately. You will also get instant hydration which can help with muscle health, hangovers, constipation, and other side effects of dehydration. When it comes to overall health, studies show that infusions of vitamins and minerals offer near-instant benefits. For example, instances of Vitamin C infusions measurably lowered fatigue within 2 hours. With this form of treatment, you could conceivably begin to feel better before you leave the office! 

3. Address a specific nutritional deficiency or concern

IV treatments are used to treat a wide variety of health concerns that can be addressed with proper vitamin intake. Feeling sluggish, having difficulty concentrating, seeking better sleep, or decreased inflammation? The IV administration of nutrients has advantages over oral administration due to its 100% absorption and/or bioavailability. 

4. Access effective anti-aging treatments

IV therapy can be used to treat skin dullness and elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and increase blood flow and regeneration from the inside out. As we age, our body naturally requires more supplementation for deficiencies it can’t manage independently. Over-the-counter solutions may not provide the efficacy that IV treatment can with quick and lasting visible improvements.

5. Enjoy no recovery time 

With most IV treatments, there is no recovery time! This means you can go straight from your appointment to the rest of your day feeling recharged and knowing that you invested your time and money in treatments that will give you immediate and proven results.! 

Interested in hearing more about how IV therapy can help you? Reach out to our Naples, FL team and request an appointment today, and one of our team members will answer your questions about our Wellness Shots and additional specialty services.

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