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Between genetics, lifestyle, environment, and age, many find it increasingly challenging to lose weight and keep it off, especially in targeted areas of the body. While, with time and dedication, people can work on toning targeted muscles, our bodies can’t naturally spot-reduce fat just from the areas we choose. 

That’s why Emsculpt is so revolutionary in the way that it not only quickly tones muscles through up to 24,000 contractions per treatment but also melts white fat cells away directly from our “problem areas,” resulting in an average of 19%- 30% targeted fat reduction. Once those cells are flushed from our system, users have fast permanent results that help improve appearance, confidence, and overall wellness.

A big question many of our patients have is: “Will I permanently lose weight with an Emscuplt treatment cycle?” Emsculpt was not developed as a weight loss solution but works as a precision tool to give users more control over their bodies’ physical appearance and shape. With healthy lifestyle choices, Emsculpt technology changes the game in body sculpting results and literally melts away inches (and therefore pounds) as fat cells are permanently removed from your frame.

Let’s break down how treatments can provide optimum fat loss for our patients, and what you can do as an Emsculpting candidate to ensure optimum results.

How can Emsculpt contribute to weight loss?

Emsculpt is designed to help users lose fat and gain muscle through targeted treatments. It’s difficult to know exactly how many pounds a person may lose with these treatments because everybody’s fat distribution is different, and other weight loss factors, including starting weight, water intake, muscle fiber response, and other factors that could affect the flushing of white fat cells that the Emsculpt procedure produces.

The Emsculpt treatment procedures work on immediately increasing muscle tone and producing fat-cell apoptosis (molecular death), which will cause them to be flushed and exited from your system throughout your body’s natural turnover processes. 

Areas of treatment include large areas like the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks, as well as smaller areas like those on the arms and legs. This contributes to a physical appearance of weight loss not achievable through diet and exercise alone.

Additional Benefits of Emsculpt

There is no downtime after treatments, and patients can resume their daily lives immediately following their procedure. This means people can immediately take additional steps in their daily life to maximize their health and positive outcomes of the treatment.

Traditional non-surgical solutions like diet and exercise take months before participants begin seeing a physical change, and months to years before they achieve optimum results, depending on their starting point. With Emsculpt treatments, people can typically expect to begin enjoying results within weeks of the initial treatment, with ultimate results several months after treatment.

How to Enhance Weight Loss in addition to Emsculpt

This is a permanent change as your body can’t create fat cells once the Emsculpt procedure has destroyed them. However, fat cells can still grow in untreated areas without a healthy diet and active lifestyle. 

Make sure you are maintaining your caloric intake and adopting wellness practices that are within your control. Increasing or maintaining activity levels is an achievable goal for many, as Emsculpt has no downtime and won’t prevent you from taking the necessary measures to maximize your health

A big key: Drink water! Staying hydrated is key to overall body function, and flushing out toxins can be increased with water intake and lymphatic drainage via massage and other practices.

If you are interested in learning more about this dynamic treatment or other wellness treatments and procedures available, contact the AguaViva Wellness team through Internal Medicine Partners today.

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